The use of symbolism in the poem cats rule dogs drool

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What Is the Meaning of Symbols in Poetry?

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Chance: Oh, get a life. Get nine of 'em. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool. Simple As That. CATS ARE BETTER THAN DOGS.

You can try to fight it, but it's true. They have so many qualities that put them over the edge as far as the dogs vs. cats debate. I'm going to list them because most of you have trash opinions. And you need to learn. 1. They're cuter than dogs. Cats, Kittens, Critters & the occasional drooling pup!

Found this little thing hanging out on my porch. Now she has a new home. Dogs Rule, Cats Drool Words Jan 30th, 3 Pages Everyday when I come home from school my dog, Nemo, is there to greet me.

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The use of symbolism in the poem cats rule dogs drool
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Do Dogs Rule While Cats Drool? An IWS Investigation 09/16 by IWS Radio | Comedy Podcasts