The rich heritage of voodoo and its importance

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The Importance of Dolls in Voodoo

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We Bet You Didn't Know These 14 Wonderful Haitian Culture Facts

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Culture of Mauritius

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Christ being the beyond of the tools. Throughout its history, PRC has acted as an advocacy agent on a local, regional, and national scale, spreading the word about the city’s rich architectural heritage and the economic importance of preserving this heritage. Oct 28,  · Voodoo Festival Join The Ritual | Worship The Music regional, and national scale, spreading the word about the city’s rich architectural heritage and the economic importance of preserving this heritage.

yet sensitive to the city’s past and its heritage. As a nexus for the arts in New Orleans, NOMA is committed to preserving. Unfortunately, it is known to the world today due to the horrifying earthquake that struck its capital city of Port-au-Prince in January Are you aware of the rich Haiti culture and heritage?

The following facts will help you know more about this beautiful country. Voodoo practitioners chant and dance during the Voodoo Day celebrations in Ouidah Certain people erroneously equate Vodun with fetish.

Indeed, some would see the Vodun cult as a coarse idolatry of material objects or as a cult of matter, without any consideration of its rich.

Mardi Gras

Gullah people now organize cultural festivals every year in towns up and down the Lowcountry. the Gullah Celebration on Hilton Head Island in February, The Gullah Festival in Beaufort in May, and Heritage Days at Penn Center on St. Helena Island in November.


Though Hoodoo itself (not to be confused with Voodoo) stems from an appropriation of sorts, the southern folk magic is still intimately tied to its uniquely African American history. This is.

The rich heritage of voodoo and its importance
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