The non sequitur of the dependence

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The Non Sequitur of the “Dependence Effect”

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on StudyBlue. --Why the dependence effect is a “non sequitur” “Non Sequitur” = “It does not follow.” The conclusion does not. Subjecting Radiologic Imaging to the Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis: A Non Sequitur of Non-Trivial Proportion Jeffry A. Siegel1, Charles W.

Pennington2, and Bill Sacks3 1Nuclear Physics Enterprises, Marlton, dependence, with the 95% confidence intervals including negative. Business Ethics and Moral Motivation: A Criminological Perspective / Dependence Effect / William P. Smith / Deborah L. Kidder ; Non Sequitur of the "Dependence Effect" / John Kenneth Galbraith ; Ethics of Consumer Protection / F.A.

von Hayek ; Marketing and the Vulnerable /. I don't think it's a non sequitur, and I don't think it refers to path dependence (anyway, Lisp would not be favored by path dependence, since the early history of Lisp is a history of immense fragmentation and tiny site-specific communities, programs, and languages).

“In politics, the great non-sequitur of our time is that 1) things are not right and that 2) the government should make them right. Where right all too often means cosmic justice, trying to set things right means writing a blank check for a never-ending expansion of government power.”.

The non sequitur of the dependence
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