The merchants of cool

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Ann Taylor’s rich heritage has always been synonymous with iconic style and fashion for the modern working women. Today Ann Taylor is defined by a unique balance of fashion and work for women of substance and style across every generation. The PBS program Merchants of Cool studied this phenomenon, trying to understand who are the players behind this as well as looking at how they work and what effect this will have on popular culture.

This proved to be a rather sobering expose of the world of commercial marketing to teens. HOT ART, COOL NIGHTS - A Mid City Merchants Art Hop Clarence's Cajun radio program in Baton Rouge is on Saturdays 7pm-9pm on FM.

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The Merchants of Cool. FRONTLINE journeys into the world of the marketers of popular culture to teenagers. They spend their days sifting through reams of market research data. Main Street, Port Stanley, ON N5L 1C4: Come experience our casual beach-chique men and women’s boutique.

You’ll discover unique styles, jewelry, accessories, hats, outerwear, beach towels, and Port Stanley shirts, sweaters, and souvenirs.

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Home page of Merchants Of Cool, a rock group from New England. A TRIBUTE TO BAD COMPANY / FOREIGNER.

The merchants of cool
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