The issue of drug use among athletes

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Monitoring the Future Survey: High School and Youth Trends

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Drug Addiction in Athletes

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Athletes, Drugs and Entitlement

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Drug Use by College Athletes: Is Random Testing an Effective Deterrent?

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As the first language to hold that position in the composition, Hainline oversees the more created NCAA Sport Science J, a national center to promote and bring safety, excellence, and wellness in college admission-athletes, and to foster lifelong complicate and mental activity. Athletes and Drug Addiction One of the key reasons for drug abuse among undergraduate athletes is simply to combat card and exhaustion.

Among student-athletes, self-reported use of social drugs such as tobacco, marijuana and cocaine are much lower than the rates reported in other national studies of college students (e.g., University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future study).

Newly published research reports on the current trends of substance use by high school student athletes and notes an increase in the use of prescription pain medications.

In the U.S., alcohol and. Since sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of the gold and world record after the Olympics, drug use among athletes has become a hot issue, though Johnson was not the first athlete caught doing such a shady practice.

While many people agree on the argument that taking steroids to win is unethical. So widespread is the issue of drug abuse among professional athletes, that the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry ranked second in past month for illicit drug use. Furthermore, they ranked third in past year substance use disorder rates from toaccording to SAMHSA.

Various aspects of athletic life are conducive to drug abuse; in addition to performance enhancement, athletes take drugs (or are given drugs to take) to medicate injuries, and to deal with mental and emotional stress that comes from life on and off the field, track, court, or ring, and even after retirement.

Aside from performance enhancing drug abuse, many athletes have achieved notoriety due to their recreational drug abuse. Cocaine and marijuana have commonly been used among professional athletes.

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers was banned from baseball for a time due to his addiction to heroin and methamphetamines.

The issue of drug use among athletes
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