The increase of immigration into canada

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Investor Visa Canada 2018

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Canadian government to raise annual immigration intake by 13% by 2020

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Increasing immigration won’t fix Canada’s growth challenge

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320,000 newcomers came to Canada in past year, highest number since 1971

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History of Chinese immigration to Canada

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We also offer coaching of IELTS, PTE & Spoken English.newcomers came to Canada in past year, highest number sincenewcomers came to Canada in past year, highest number since the increase in immigration numbers.

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Nearly one million new immigrants will settle in Canada between andunder what Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has labeled “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent Canadian history.”. “Canada’s economic growth is high and we can afford to absorb more immigrants. We do need more immigrants to continue our strong growth.

With new immigrants, there’s the demand for properties and goods, new payroll taxes,” said immigration policy analyst and lawyer Richard Kurland.

The increase of immigration into canada
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