The importance of obeying government in our society

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Essay on Obedience: Meaning, Importance, and Types.

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Because obedience, naught would draw but chaos and making. Importance of Obeying Traffic Laws. Topics: Road rebel, and overthrow the government. The law shapes politics, economics, The purpose of laws is to help keep our society under control and provide a safe place.

Obeying the law sets a societal standard that if laws are made, citizens and government will generally respect them.

If nobody obeys the law, then they are meaningless. Therefore, your participation in obeying the law helps confirm to society that the laws are valid. Obeying the law is not only beneficial to society as a whole, but it allows individuals to reap the protections of living in an orderly environment.

The Judicial Learning Center explains that the rule of law is designed to bond members of a society together and serve as a. What if the Bible calls us to obey the law as a legitimate authority? If this is indeed the case, shouldn’t we then teach our children the importance of respecting and obeying government authority?

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According to The Judicial Learning Center, law is a crucial system that allows human society to function in a manner that is as safe, fair and profitable for as many people as possible.

Obeying the law is not only beneficial to society as a whole, but it allows individuals to reap the protections of. Traffic laws are important to obey because they protect the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

These laws are often created as a result of studies .

The importance of obeying government in our society
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The Importance of Law in our Lives and in the Society