The importance of beauty in our society

Importance of flowers

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The Importance of Cosmetics Today

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What Is The Importance Of Time In Our Society?

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Philosopher Roger Scruton presents a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives. In the 20th century, Scruton argues, art, architecture and music turned their backs on beauty, making a cult of ugliness and leading us into a spiritual desert.

Our visions as youths constitute an irreversible dream, an ideal solution to the ills that harm the society of our time but the sad point is that Young people are unaware of their potentials and is need to reform human values and qualities.

Time is very important, and it is always a question of time in our society. But I think that time is a line of moments. Therefore, if matter move faster than the light, it could get stuck in a moment, when other moments are moving on without it.

The importance of beauty in our society
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