Sen enriles cashgifts to the senators

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Senators of the 115th Congress

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Enrile’s reply to the P6M he allegedly gave as “cash gifts” to 18 Senators.

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• Senate salaries since • Senators, to present • Senators who have cast more than 10, votes • Senators who have delivered Washington's Farewell Address. Political Parties • Senators representing third or minor parties • Senators who changed parties during Senate service (since ) Diversity in the Senate • Foreign.

Senators who received millions of pesos from Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile should return the money to the treasury or else they will be included in a complaint that will be filed against.

Senators News. Ottawa Senators appoint Peter MacTavish as an assistant general manager. Tkachuk thrilled to be reunited with Norris.

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Ottawa Senators complete most important trade in rebuild. Click here for the full list of Senators and their contact information. Click here to find your Senator All members of the th Maine Senate have been elected to. The senate composed of 24 senators, each elected to a six-year term, with one re-election under plurality-at-large voting: on each election, the voters vote for up to twelve candidates, with the twelve candidates the highest number of votes being elected.

State senators are members of the upper house of a state legislature, for example the Ohio State Legislature, A state senator is to the governor of that state as a US Senator is to the President.

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Sen enriles cashgifts to the senators
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