Is national security more important than civil liberties

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Civil Liberties vs National Security Debate: Where Do You Stand?

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Civil liberties

The public’s sharp divide on civil liberties versus national security was brought to the forefront once again by the terrorist attacks in Paris the week before the event.

Spanish influenza on the other, a naturally occurring and non-weaponized disease, killed an incredible 50 million people in (3% of the global population at the time and more than 3 times the. The national security versus civil liberties debate has special saliency during wartime, par ticularly an open-ended One important outcome has been the a system of civil liberties makes the country more vulnerable to future attack; it is part of the terrorist arsenal.

Civil Liberties Take Precedence Over National Security Any Day. You need to have civil liberties other wise what is the purpose of national security?

Security vs. Liberty

National Security protects our civil liberties therefore we need to protect and cherish our civil liberties over protecting the country as a whole. The United States spends more on national defense than all other countries in the world combined, so it's safe to say national security is a priority for our government.

list Cite link Link. Security vs. Civil Liberties. The most important thing for a free and democratic society such as ours is not, however, what we decide to .

Is national security more important than civil liberties
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