Important dates in august 2013

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This Year in History: 2013

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Historical Events in August 2013

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2013 in the United States

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Important Dates

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made his now-famous I Have a Dream speech. Important Dates in August. Home; News & Events; The PFLAG National Blog; July 29, Each month, we’re sharing the important commemorative days, weeks--and special months, when we have them--that will help further the cause of LGBTQ equality by elevating the message across special celebrations for many different communities.

Remembering Nelson Mandela () When Nelson Mandela turned 95 in July, we took a look back at the life and legacy of the beloved anti-apartheid leader and first black president of South Africa. Important Dates | Autumn Semester Note – Important Dates are Subject to Change Autumn Semester Fourteen Weeks (instruction time) August 21, – December 3, First Session Seven Weeks (instruction time) August 21, – October 8, Second Session Seven Weeks (instruction time) October 11, – December 3, Grade Posting.

Important dates for the School Year. August 15 - Schedule Pick-Up, School Pictures and Yearbook pick up am - pm August 16 - Schedule Pick-Up, School Pictures and Yearbook pick up pm - pm.

Important dates in august 2013
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