Automobile safety the importance of airbags

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Car Safety

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Automobile safety

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Passenger Car Airbags

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Remind patients about the importance of seat belt use. Encourage patients to make wearing a seat belt a habit. Remember to never place a rear-facing child safety seat in front of an air bag. Properly buckle children in the middle back seat when possible because it is the safest spot in the vehicle.

Disadvantages of Having Passenger Car Airbags.

Why are airbags in cars so important for safety?

Unfortunately, these safety tools can have some pretty significant liabilities. Potential Injury. The biggest negative to airbags is that, though they are designed to protect, deploying airbags can actually injure passengers in some situations.

Oct 11,  · Why exactly are airbags so important to have in a car? Why are airbags in cars so important for safety?

Importance of Airbags as an Essential Car Safety Technology

Inwith mostly modern vehicles, safety engineered with crush zones and airbags, the death rate perincreased over 40%, to Status: Resolved. Car safety must be a top priority while choosing to buy a new car in order to ensure safety while driving in all conditions.

While some car safety features have been launched recently and are new to the automotive industry, there are others like airbags, which have existed for a long time.

Airbags are an extremely important feature in any car. In fact it is mandatory for cars to have airbags in many countries (USA, UK, Europe).

Last year, the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), which rates new vehicles on the basis of their safety, conducted tests on Tata Nano, Ford Figo, Hyundai i10, Volkswagen Polo and Maruti Suzuki Alto.

An airbag is also considered a very important car safety feature which prevents you and other vehicle occupants from colliding with hard portions of the car during moderate and even severe crashes. Airbags have evolved through the years for improved reliability.

Automobile safety the importance of airbags
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