An introduction to the history of the cinco de mayo

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Battle of Puebla

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Attempting Cinco de Mayo has become too popular along the U.

Teaching Preschoolers About Cinco de Mayo: Introduction to a Different Culture

Cinco de Mayo is not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, which falls on September The latter holiday was established insome 50 years before the Battle of Puebla occurred.

The latter holiday was established insome 50 years before the Battle of Puebla occurred. Puebla de Los Angeles, the site of Zaragoza’s historic victory, was renamed Puebla de Zaragoza in honor of the general.

Today, Mexicans (and Mexican Americans) celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla as Cinco de Mayo, a holiday in the state of Puebla. History of Cinco de Mayo. Introduction. The holiday of Cinco De Mayo, The 5th Of May, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in Celebrating Cinco de Mayo has become increasingly popular along the U.S.-Mexico border and in parts of the U.S.

that have a high population of people with a Mexican heritage. In these areas the holiday is a celebration of Mexican culture, of food, music, beverage and customs unique to Mexico.

A brief history of Cinco de Mayo

Watch video · Today, Cinco de Mayo’s actual meaning can be easily lost in an abundance of margaritas—which might causing celebrants to completely overlook the real history of the holiday, which dates back to strife in 19th-century Mexico and the effect of the American Civil War on Latinos living in what’s now the Southwest.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, despite popular belief. May 5 is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, in which the ill-equipped Mexican army defeated France in No other.

An introduction to the history of the cinco de mayo
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