An evaluation of the issue on assanges leaking of documents

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The Meaning of Assange’s Persecution

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The Meaning of Assange’s Persecution

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And certainly no one in power wanted government secrets leaking out to the public. Until recently, too, incriminating documents were more easily kept private. Without the mixed blessings of typewriters and then photocopiers, scanners, and today's easily reproducible electronic versions, governments often had only one or two handwritten copies.

Assanges lawyers tried arguing that "its only rape in Sweden" to the UK High Court during their appeal in July - the court threw their arguments out, giving a lengthy ruling on this very exact issue.

An introduction to the life of abraham maslow

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Those documents, which included the Afghan and Iraq war logs and U.S. State Department cables, were ultimately published in the New York Times, the U.K. Guardian, and the German magazine Der Spiegel. Domscheit-Berg said he didn't approve of Assange's direction and wants to continue the concept of leaking documents under new management.

Wikileaks .

An evaluation of the issue on assanges leaking of documents
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