A description of the camel and its importance in desert areas

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Adaptation Mechanisms of Camels (Camelus dromedarius) for Desert Environment: A Review

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It is called the 'ship of the desert'. It is a very important animal of dessert area of the country. It has a short tail and four-long legs.

Why Are Deserts Important?

It has one or two hemp. His height is. Bactrian camel (two-humps, endangered): Camelus bactrianus Range Dry desert areas of southwestern Asia, the Sahara Desert in North Africa and along the Arabian Peninsula in. Camels are unique-looking creatures that are easily recognized because of their humps.

They live in the desert areas of Africa and Asia. There are 2 types of camel: Dromedary, which has one hump, and Bactrian, which has two humps. Both types can be domesticated. Geographic Range. Dromedary camels occupy arid regions of the Middle East through northern India and arid regions in Africa, most notably, the Sahara Desert.

They have also been introduced to arid regions of central Australia where some of the only feral populations now persist (Nowak ). The camels' thick coats insulate them from the intense heat radiated from desert sand; a shorn camel must sweat 50% It does well even in arid areas due to its unusual physiological behaviors and characteristics, which with instructions for improving their efficiency; also, a description of the medicines used in the treatment of.

Domesticated camels in the deserts of Asia and North Africa have been reliable pack animals for thousands of years. Desert plants such as the date are an important food source in North Africa and the Middle East; dates are also one of the oldest cultivated foods in the world, dating back to biblical times.

A description of the camel and its importance in desert areas
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